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About Us


We provide a complete tree maintenance service that includes all aspects of arboriculture.  Our tree services include:

  • Tree pruning - deadwood removal, crown reduction, crown lifting, formative pruning
  • Tree removal - including sectional dismantling in confined spaces
  • Hedge trimming
  • Tree bracing
  • Phoenix palm pruning
  • Root pruning
  • Stump grinding

Our clients include residential property owners, property managers, property developers, construction companies, landscape contractors, city council, institutions and schools.  Specimen Treecare are a Council approved supplier.

We maintain a rigorous Health and Safety system that is dynamic in nature, and regularly reviewed and updated.

We currently carry NZ$2 million of Public Liability Insurance cover.


Simon Batchelor

Company Director / Arborist – Advanced Cert. in Arboriculture, Cert. of Horticulture Practice

Specimen Treecare was established by Simon Batchelor in 2016.   Simon started his career with The Specimen Tree Company in 1997 as an arborist in their tree surgery crew and became the Tree Surgery Manager in 2003.  He has great arboricultural skills and tree knowledge and knows how to get the best results for both clients and their trees.  Simon has had 20 years in the arboricultural industry with some of this time spent working in England.  

In 2016, Gordon Ikin (Managing Director, The Specimen Tree Company) retired and gave Simon the opportunity to take the helm, bringing about the inception of Specimen Treecare Ltd.