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Tree Pruning


Whether your objective is to improve safety, improve your view or just let more light into your property, the team at Specimen Treecare are qualified and experienced to undertake all aspects of tree pruning.


Specimen Treecare’s experienced arborists are trained in modern arboricultural practices. We use specialised equipment and modern climbing techniques to access the tree canopy, undertaking the work, without damage to surrounding buildings, infrastructure, services and existing vegetation.
When in confined spaces, limbs can be lowered down in small sections using specialised roping techniques.
There are many ways a tree can be pruned, and often such work can be undertaken without compromising the appearance of the tree. However, it is important that a skilled arborist is used in order to avoid a poor result.
Specimen Treecare will undertake the work safely with minimal fuss, leaving your property clean and tidy.
Our arborists can advise the most appropriate pruning option for your trees.


Our Pruning Services Include:

  • Deadwood removal
  • Crown lifting
  • Crown reduction
  • View restoration
  • Branch weight reduction
  • Formative pruning



  • Improve Fruit Production
  • Bracing
  • Phoenix Palm Pruning
  • Storm damage Restoration
  • Root Pruning

Tree pruning at a residential property in Westmere, Auckland.